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let's blame the passage of time

maybe it's simpler to lie


Alex gif by karanna1

Hello! I write fanfic. Here you'll find progress updates and some personal updates. I'm more active on Tumblr and Twitter.





Journal stylesheet by fruitstyle. Edited by me.
10 things, abe sapien, amatsuki, angels, anime, anti-twilight, area no kishi, avatar the last airbender, baudecest, being human, ben 10, ben 10 alien force, big time rush, bishounen, bleach, bones, burn notice, castiel, chase young, chuck, code lyoko, comic books, criminal intent, dasey, david/selena, deadman wonderland, dean winchester, dean/castiel, demons, derek hale, derek/casey, doctor who, dollhouse, eleventh hour, eli stone, fairy tail, fan fiction, firefly, fringe, gackt, greek, hannah montana, harry potter, hellboy, heroes, holmes/watson, hoshi wa utau, hourou musuko, house m.d., hyde, i hate about you, icarly, in plain sight, incest, jacksannah, jalex, jane austen, jayne/river, joan of arcadia, john/cameron, johnny depp, justin/alex, katekyo! hitman reborn, kekkaishi, kim possible, kuroshitsuji, kurt wagner, kyle xy, kyo kara maoh, law and order, lazytown, lexx, liberty's kids, lie to me, life, life with derek, literature, lord of the rings, mackson, make it break it, manga, martin mystery, mary/marshall, medium, mental, mihashi, miyavi, moon child, moyashimon, nabari no ou, narnia, naruto, nightcrawler, oofuri, ookiku furikabutte, paire, peter/claire, phoenix wright, piano no mori, polyamory, professor layton, psych, reader-insert, reading, ruby and the rockits, sam winchester, seddie, serenity, series of unfortunate events, sheldon/penny, shenelope, shenny, shiawase kissa sanchoume, simon/river, so weird, southland, special victims unit, sterek, stiles stilinski, stonemcest, supernatural, terence, terminator sarah connor chronicles, the listener, the mentalist, the philanthropist, tinkerbell, tony/effy, toradora, torchwood, twincest, ulquihime, ulquiorra/orihime, usagi drop, victorious, violet/klaus, wizards of waverly place, writing, x-men, xiaolin showdown, yaoi, yuri