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This is the journal of a geeky person who loves television, movies, anime/manga, books, comics, and music.

A few things you should know about me:

  1. I write fan fiction which is public.

  2. I do fic commissions.

  3. I am apparently obsessed with TV, since that's all I talk about anymore, haha.

  4. I ship everything, including incest and polyamory, I often use foul language, and content in my journal may not always be PG.

  5. I am also crazy. Don't let that scare you away because I'm an open-minded, objective person. I like meeting new people and having interesting discussions.

So, if you want to be my friend, even if you only want to lurk to follow my fics, please leave a comment here and let me know who you are. I promise, I don't bite. And I may even have pizza and beautiful people waiting for you in my circle of misfits.

Let's be friends! 8D
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Fanfic: Principles, Chapter XVIII (WIP) (Jalex, WOWP)

So…do I win for longest WIP that takes forever to update? orz I’m sorry, I’m a terrible human being. This is the longest chapter by far, and there is not one but two pillow fights, so maybe that will make the wait worthwhile? Actually, I was waiting for the ending of this chapter forever it seems, so I really hope everyone enjoys it. We’re getting close to the end, I promise haha, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. The back-and-forth won’t be like this for much longer. The next couple chapters are going to be very interesting!

The good news is, I’ve already started the next chapter, so I’ll be able to update…soon. I’ve learned my lesson, haha, I’m not jinxing myself this time.

Before we get started, I have two announcements/questions for my lovely readers that have stuck with me all this time.

1.Does anyone read fics over at AO3? I have a Teen Wolf fic posted there, and I was considering posting Principles there as well if anyone would read it there. I’ll likely post future WOWP fics there as well (yes, I still plan on writing more Jalex, I just can’t let them go). I just like the AO3 archive system a lot.

2.I’m in a bad way financially, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in commissioning fics from me? I’d appreciate donations of any sort because then I would just write this fic faster (not to say that I won’t update without donations, not at all. I’m just trying to figure out a way to pay my bills over the next couple weeks.) I’ll also be offering my fiction editing services if anyone would rather help me out that way. If you enjoy my writing at all, I hope you’ll consider whether you can spare a few dollars. Thank you in advance. ^_^

Title: Principles, Chapter XVIII
Rating: T
Pairing: Pre-Justin/Alex
Warning: Thoughts of incest. Frank discussions of incest.
Spoilers: Takes place around 2.12 "Fairy Tale" through 2.20 "Family Game Night"

Summary: Family Game Night. A creepy stalker for Justin. And some reminiscing about their childhood that sends Justin spiraling.
Word Count: 6,175
Disclaimer: Still don't own WOWP. Still love the characters.

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Hi! If you’ve found this page, hopefully you’re already one of my followers or readers. If not, welcome! I am in desperate need of money this month to pay my bills. I’ve been out of a job since November, and I have been struggling with making it ever since. I really don’t want to fall further into debt, especially when I’m ultimately looking to get out of my abusive home environment. Seriously though, I’m down to my last $7, so I’m really hurting for money to buy food, gas for my car, and to pay my bills. This was kind of a last resort for me, so I would much appreciate any donations or fic commissions if you can spare a few dollars, since I know money is tight for a lot of people right now.

If you’d like to help me out by commissioning a fanfic from me, I would much appreciate it! If you just want to donate to my cause or donate so I can keep writing my current fics, that’s great too! If you would like something else in return for your donation, I will be offering fiction editing and ghostwriting in the upcoming weeks, so let me know if that service is something you’d be interested in. If you don’t want to donate or simply can’t at this time, please spread the word to anyone who might want a fic written for them. Any little bit helps me, really.

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Dasey (LWD)

Upcoming Fics

Upcoming Fics Master List

Updated May 9, 2014

This is a list of fics I will be working on soon. Eventually. At some point in the future lol. I've been saying that for quite a while.

Most of these are based on kink meme prompts people suggested, or my own ideas. Any of these are up for grabs in a fic commission, if you don't want to wait for me to get around to them in 2020.

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A Teen Wolf fic and a quick update

  • I posted a Teen Wolf fic to AO3 for the Heat Wave fest (which I barely made it to). It's trusting wolves, from Sheriff Stilinski's POV with some Sterek and other hinted pairings.

  • I'm working on Chapter XVIII of Principles, so that should be up in about a week. Sorry for the huge delay again.

  • I'm thinking about posting Principles to AO3 since I like the interface there, and that's where I'll be posting my future fics. I'll probably still be updating at Fanfiction.net, but after Principles, I'll probably be done there.

  • I didn't make the deadlines for PaperLegends or the Hawaii Five-0 or the White Collar Big Bangs due to being out of the country far longer than I expected. I do have the big bangs mostly finished, so I'll still be working on them, but I'll probably wait until the fall to post them.

  • I still have 5 million unfinished fics, but I'm working on a few of them, so hopefully there will be some new stuff to post in September.

  • I'm behind on all my TV shows since I was gone for most of June. And July passed me by with a half-hearted wave I barely remember. So I'm trying to make up for lost time in August. I'll be busier, but hopefully with more to show for it.

That's it for now!
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Fanfic: Principles, Chapter XVII (WIP) (Jalex, WOWP)

So, this was delayed again, simply because my life refused to slow down. But I hope everyone enjoys it, anyway. We're picking up speed soon. Next chapter should be up in about two weeks. :D

Title: Principles, Chapter XVII

Rating: T
Pairing: Pre-Justin/Alex
Warning: Thoughts of incest. Frank discussions of incest.
Summary: It’s always one step forward, two steps back with Justin. Just when he thinks he’s got the right footing, the ground falls away beneath him.
Word Count: 4,546
Disclaimer: I don’t own WOWP. Though I do like to play with the characters.

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Fic Progress (and a little personal info)


Just a quick update on my fic progress.

  • I've fixed my plan for the rest of Principles, so I feel better about writing the next chapters. I have XVII typed up, and I need to revise it before it can be posted. Tomorrow at the earliest, Monday at the latest. (This is a lot later than I wanted - by a week this time lol - but I really wasn't happy with my original order of events. But now I am. So. Worth the wait again, I hope.)

  • I'm working on my paperlegends fic. I have a few thousand words written, and it was hard starting, but I'm going better now. The plan was for a Beastly/Merlin fusion with more magic, but it completely ran away from me. So it's a little like Beastly with the whole curse aspect, but then the magic aspect totally evolved into something like army conscription and rebels and betrayals and so forth. I don't know why my muses are making it so difficult for me, but I'm hanging on for the ride so far. And I still love Merlin/Arthur, even if the series is finished.

  • I'm also writing big bang fics for hawaii_bigbang and whitecollar_bb. My Hawaii Five-0 fic is kind of a tropefic and a casefic in one. Steve and Danny go on a gay cruise, "undercover," to catch a ring of suspects. It's really fun to write. My White Collar fic is a Nikita fusion, where Neal is an assassin sent to do a long con on Peter, but of course, he can't kill him in the end, so they work together to bring down Division. It might end up being a OT3, I can't decide. Because I do really love Elizabeth, and I love her and Peter together. I don't know, I'm still working on it.

  • Anything else? Um, I know my resolution for the year was to at least make a dent of my unfinished fic folder. There's a lot in there, and I do want to start working on all those various one-shots again. But more on that later, when I actually make some progress on any of them.

And onto the personal tmi portion. I was watching Switched at Birth, and this season, they've been delving into Regina's alcoholism. She slipped and started drinking again, and her behavior became erratic, and I don't know. It was actually kind of triggering for me, I guess, after the last few years with my mom. But just this week, my mom got her 30-day sobriety chip. She's doing really good so far, even though she has a ways to go since she said she wanted to celebrate with a drink (orz). But uh, she's been sober, though I haven't been living with her, so it doesn't have as much as an effect on me as it might have last year. But I am really happy for her, and I hope she keeps up the good, hard work.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Off to do more writing. :D
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Fanfic: Principles, Chapter XVI (WIP) (Jalex, WOWP)

It's been awhile again, and I apologize for the delay. Again. Let's hope this is the last disruption life will throw at me. The next chapter is already finished, so I will be posting that rather quickly, maybe next week. :D (Also, let's count the number of times I use the word jealous in this chapter. XD)

Title: Principles, Chapter XVI
Rating: T
Pairing: Pre-Justin/Alex
Warning: Thoughts of incest. Frank discussions of incest.
Summary: Justin and Alex have difficulty seeing eye-to-eye most good days, so their bad days can be explosive. And with jealous thoughts running rampant, it’s extra hard for Justin to reign in his attraction to Alex. Eventually, Justin realizes he might have to let go of Alex to find happiness.
Word Count: 4,066
Disclaimer: Dear god, it’s been nearly six months already. I still don’t own WOWP.

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omg you guys, seriously, I'm sorry

Over my vacation, I came down with a sinus infection. Like the first one in my life, really randomly. I felt like crap for days. I finally feel better, though now I have a dry, scratchy throat that has me coughing constantly. I just can't get a break. orz

Plus, yesterday, one of my fingernails finally fell off. This wasn't like the last time were I had damaged my finger from the underneath, so when the nail fell off, it didn't hurt and the soft skin beneath wasn't sensitive. This time, the damage was from the top, so the nail bed below is all rough and messed up. Hurts like hell to type, lol.

But I'm gonna type regardless. I'm tired of feeling listless when I go days without getting any writing done. So tomorrow, my plan is to type and revise chapter XVI of Principles. Then I'll post it on Friday.

The kids I nanny (lol, can I even use that word as a verb?) will return to school on Monday, so I'll finally have my days back to myself for writing, which I'm looking forward to.

Until Friday. ♥
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Short delay again

Sorry, guys, but I didn't plan on this delay again. I forgot that after we got back on Sunday and Monday, we would be busy cleaning and packing for our week-long family vacation. Then after the six hour drive, there wasn't much time to do anything else other than unpack, eat dinner, and go to sleep.

The past couple days, we've been going through my grandpa's belongings, and cleaning up his garage where he worked on his cars. It's been quite a mess, and not at all what I enjoy doing on vacation. It still feels weird that my grandpa's not here, and frankly, I'm not ready to go through his things, but oh well. It's the only time we have to get it done.

Anyway, I thought I had already typed out Chapter XVI of Principles, but I couldn't find the file, so I guess not. I'll do that today and revise it tomorrow. So the chapter should be up tomorrow or Saturday. I'll stay up late to do it in the quiet of the night without my family around, if I have to, lol. But it will get done before my vacation is over.

Thanks for your patience! ♥